Are you as strong and confident in your training for the future

on the inside as you are on the IMG_2945outside?

If the answer is no, I am here to help you gain the power to change that.

My name is Heike Yates and we have more in common then you may think.

I faced a lot of challenges throughout my life and it took a great deal of mental strength, determination in personal growth, and courage to be where I am today.

Fitness and nutrition has always been a big part of my life, whether in my business as a personal trainer and studio owner, or in my spare time preparing for a body building competition, a marathon, or a triathlon. Injuries slowed me down and made me appreciate how precious a healthy fitness lifestyle is.

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No matter how big our struggles may be, each day offers us an opportunity to be stronger. The only person holding you back from excellence is the person within you.

Bland_110303Heike_Pilates_010My mission is to help women and men to embrace a strong and healthy future, so they can live each day with enthusiasm and to their fullest potential

My signature in-studio and online cross training systems have helped strong women and men regain their strength, flexibility, and independence, who share their stories and excitement about their renewed love for their bodies as a result of my influence and coaching.
In my private studio I help post operational joint rehabilitation, scoliosis, stenosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, to breast cancer survivors clients regain their strength and confidence.

When we embrace our bodies and the changes we experience, we become mentally and physically stronger as a result.


I can’t wait to connect with you and boost your confidence by helping you to feel strong, flexible, confident and fit.


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