Do you wnat to live in a reality, or a reality show?

Do You Want To Live In Reality, Or A Reality Show?

You’re sitting in a crowded airport, watching everyone hustle by. Nobody looks like a celebrity; nobody has perfect hair, perfect smiles, perfect clothes, or a perfect body. When I go to fitness conferences, there are hundreds of presenters, studio owners, and coaches. None of them look like the people you see on the cover of


Is Food Better For Health Than Supplements? You Need To Know!

I don’t know about you, but my doctor always pushes me to take a multivitamin. When I tell her that I don’t take one, she questions why I don’t and, again, encourages me to take one. My answer is: “I get my vitamins and minerals from the foods that I eat.” Here is an interesting

Are store made protein shakes really that healthy?

Are Store Made Protein Shakes Really That Healthy?

For breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, you may eye a protein smoothie full of vitamins and minerals, especially now that you want to shed some weight after the holidays. A liquid meal sounds about right, you think. Are Store Made Protein Shakes Really That Healthy? You hit the store to grab a smoothie on the

6 Morning Rituals You Can Implement Right Now

The alarm is set for 6 AM, and it goes off with a loud beeping sound that rips you out of your sleep. Confused and a little delirious, you hit the snooze button. “5 more minutes,” you think. 5 minutes later the alarm goes off again. Grabbing your phone, you check your emails and fear

Be My Valentine Every Day Of The Year

You may think that Valentines is a ‘Hallmark’ holiday, that it is overrated and who needs to eat more chocolate anyways? In spite of this, Valentine’s has become a tradition in the US and around the world. Many buy flowers that are way too expensive, cards that are supposed to express your love for someone,

5 Healthy Habits That Can Change Your Life

You already have the healthy habits and skills you need and don’t even realize that they will help you get in better shape. What is a habit? A habit is a routine or behavior that is regularly repeated and tends to occur subconsciously. What triggers a habit? We can establish a good habit just like

5 Kick Starter Tips To Feel Spunky And Sexy

5 Kick Starter Tips To Feel Spunky And Sexy

How to steal back your energy by looking amazing. Often I talk about food, and exercise, and how both relate to energy, but looking and feeling spunky and sexy is equally as important. When you look at yourself, and you think, “Girl, you’re just looking awesome,” that gives me a lot of energy. My 5

3 steps to stop the holiday guilt right now

3 Steps To Stop The Holiday Guilt Right Now

The holidays are just around the corner, and we celebrate them by enjoying delicious treats. We don’t want to miss out on all of the festivities. Temptation is everywhere! Here are my 3 steps to stop the holiday guilt right now! First are the office parties, and then the treats everyone brings to share. They

3 Steps To Melt Your Midlife MIddle

3 Steps To Melt Your Midlife Middle

Question of the month: Even if I see myself pretty educated about healthy eating, I’d love to learn more about what to eat for the “middle age belly” that seems to pop up now. Cardio in excess and toning a couple of times a week doesn’t help. Any suggestions? What? That’s not possible you say!

Women On The Move The Ultra Runer

Women On The Move – The Ultra Runner

This is the first of several interviews titled: “Women On The Move.” The stories are about women that made their dreams become reality. Women that live the life they want and deserve. Strong women with the focus and determination to pull out all the stops in their life. My first guest: Patricia Scott (50) Ultra