The Trip Of A Lifetime – Antarctica

A Trip of A Lifetime – Antarctica Antarctica is one of the top 25 places to visit on the planet. “An environmental preserve for scientific research, Antarctica is the coldest, windiest place on earth, with ice as deep as three miles and as old as 3 million years. To get there, you have to cross

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East 2017

I attended the IDEAPTI last weekend and here is what happened Once a year the IDEA (International Health and Fitness Association) Personal Trainer conference is held in the Washington, DC area. I love this event and volunteer to be an assistant for the weekend every year. In exchange I attend training sessions that help me

Who is the person you spend most of your time with?

Who is the person you spend most of your time with? Have you asked yourself that question? Does your day look like this: Commute, work all day, go home, squeeze in a workout, dinner? Repeat the next day. We are so busy running around and we may forget someone important along the way. When do

The Menopause Game Plan

Interview with Triathlon and Running Coach Taneen Carvell

Interview with Triathlon and Running Coach Taneen Carvell Interview with Coach T.I wanted to find out from Taneen Carvell, aka Coach T, a local USATF Level 1 Certified running/triathlon coach to over 400 marathon and 60 Ironman finishers through the past 7 years, how she coaches women around the world to stay motivated and train

another year another diet another disappointment

Another Year. Another Diet. Another Disappointment.

Another Year. Another Diet. Another Disappointment. My top 3 solutions to taking control during the holidays. The holidays are just around the corner and we celebrate them by enjoying delicious treats. We don’t want to miss out on all of the festivities. Temptation can wreck havoc on your diet and fitness plan. Temptation is everywhere!

Happy Holidays! Let The Stress Begin.

Happy Holidays! Let the Stress Begin! Let’s face it, everyone is worried about… … gaining weight … being stressed … traveling to places where you can’t workout and eat right … no time for yourself … no time to do anything you want to do until maybe 2017?! maybe… You know what I say? Get

Killer Miller at Savageman 70

You got Chicked! Savageman 70.0

The actual story starts a while back, when I decided to participate in a shorter race distance than an Ironman. Something with a punch would be a good change of pace. I thought it would be a super idea to get the “brick” (more on that in a bit) and race the Savageman 70.0 in

Do you eat like an Olympian?

Even if you don’t compete in the Olympics, you may want to adopt eating like an athlete, and here is why! In a recent article in VOX, several athletes, their diets, and the calories they consumed during lunch were examined. Michael Phelps, as we know, used to eat 12,000 calories of whatever his stomach desired.

How you can eat healthy all day long

People have different lifestyles and food preferences. Many of us are on the go and have little time to prepare meals. I have listed some of my favorite meal ideas, while focusing on HEYlifetraining’s  Habit-based nutrition approach. The Basics: What should your anytime meal include? 1 Protein = chicken, fish, eggs or tofu 1 Vegetable