Online training – is that for me?

Simply don’t have time to work with me each week, living too far away to come to the HEYlifetraining studio, travel frequently, or you can’t afford a weekly session at HEYlifetraining, then is is a terrific option to reach your goals.

Online training is simple! All you need is a computer, laptop, desktop, iphone, iPad, and an internet connection. Your nutrition and/or fitness program will be tailored to your needs and the feed back you provide. You will have exclusive access to a private online portal, where we apply a step-by-step method and guide you through a proven process to achieve your goals. Communication is key as we stay in contact with you through email to help you every step of the way.

Nutrition Makeover

Specifically designed nutrition program just for you. It is personal, easily available to you, and will fit into your lifestyle.
Buy now: $99 per month

Fitness Makeover

You will see results with our safe and effective fitness makeover. It is tailored to your specific needs and equipment available to you.
Buy now: $99 per month

Total Body Transformation

Combine the benefits of a habit-based nutrition program with the benefits of intelligent fitness training. The result: A Total Body Transformation!
Buy now: $179 per month

Please consult the following table to compare features of the individual programs.

Nutrition Makeover Fitness Makeover Body Transformation
Custom monthly program
Access to exclusive online content
Initial consultation
Personalized Nutrition lessons
Meal Guidelines
Bi-weekly Nutrition Assessment
Monthly email follow-up
Online Posture Assessment
Online Functional Movement Screening
Monthly customized exercise program
Monthly Follow-up
Social Media Integration