Welcome to HEYlifetraining Pilates & Wellness

HEYlifetraining Pilates & Wellness, is a one-on-one and online Fitness and Wellness company located in Maryland that provides high quality fitness and nutrition coaching.

I offer private Pilates sessions on the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac for our Pilates clients. Free weights, elastic bands, foam rollers, stability balls, small balls, Bosu, and yoga mats round out our personal training/functional training offerings. You may end up using all of the above at one point or other, as we strongly believe in cross training.

I have plenty of space for our Nutrition coaching sessions as well.

The studio has a private entrance, with an area to change into your workout clothes, a separate bathroom, and plenty of space for your workout. Privacy is key and I train individual clients and small groups only in the HEYlifetraining studio.

Free parking is in the driveway of 1201 Burton St. or on Alton Pkwy. I am located within 10 minutes walking distance of the red line in downtown Silver Spring, MD.


Please contact me for your free 30-minute consultation.



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