Welcome to HEYlifetraining Pilates & Wellness

HEYlifetraining Pilates & Wellness

is a online and one-on-one Fitness and Wellness company located in Maryland that provides high quality nutrition and fitness coaching.


My Mission

Providing science based nutrition and functional movement coaching both online and in person sessions.


Train with me online

At one point or another you made a promise to yourself to eat better, exercise more often, to lose weight, or just get in better shape. You never seem to find the time to follow through or have the support of someone that will help you along the way.

Here is where you can start: Simply sign up for one of my monthly online programs to get you going and stay on track. My monthly online programs are designed for people with a busy lifestyle, but the desire to keep the promise they made to themselves. Let me help you reach your goals.


Train with Heike privately

I am available for private in-person sessions in Maryland at HEYlifetraining Pilates & Wellness in Silver Spring and at Core Studios in Bethesda.

The HEYlifetraining studio has a private entrance, with an area to change into your workout clothes, a separate bathroom, and plenty of space for your workout. Privacy is key and I train individual clients and duets only in the HEYlifetraining studio.

Free parking is in the driveway of 1201 Burton St. or on Alton Pkwy. I am located within 10 minutes walking distance of the red line in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.


What you can expect

I strive to give my clients the best training combined with the highest quality of experience and expertise. I strongly believe in cross training and will assist you in your goal to enhance your athletic performance or improving functional movement.

I offer private Pilates sessions on the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac for our Pilates clients. Free weights, elastic bands, foam rollers, stability balls, medicine balls, Bosu, balance boards, and yoga mats round out our personal training/functional training offerings. You may end up using all of the above at one point or other, as I strongly believe in cross training.

Nutrition is a vital part of well being. I believe that good nutrition results in improved performance, better health and improved body composition. I will apply a step-by-step method and guide you through a proven process to achieve your goals.


My services are in-studio or online only:

  •  Private Pilates and Pilates Duet
  •  Personal Training in-studio or online
  •  Nutrition coaching in-studio or online
  •  Therapeutic Pilates and Pilates for Breast Cancer Survivors
  •   Pilates for Men



Please contact me for your free 30-minute posture analysis and consultation.




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