Postural Assessment

Good posture requires a person to maintain the alignment of the entire body; poor posture is often a cause of musculoskeletal pain, joint restriction or general discomfort.
Based on the Pilates principles, we will assess your posture as a result of postural strain, soft tissue trauma, repetitive movement patterns, and/or prolonged immobilization. Your specific program will be designed around the results of this evaluation.

Body Composition: Skinfolds

Triceps_CaliperTo determine your total lean body mass, total body fat mass, and body fat percentage, we use a specialized caliper. This is a hand-held device where we measure the thickness of your skin on 7 sites of your body and determine the ratio of fat mass to lean mass.
We will record the information gathered and compare them to future measurements taken. This will help us design a program that helps you burn fat and keep your lean muscle mass. You will see the results of your hard work right away.

Body Composition: Girth Measures

Thigh_GirthGirth measures provide another terrific method to track changes over time. If your goal is to gain muscle mass, or build up certain body parts, for instance, increase leg or bicep girth, measurements will indicate positive changes.
Likewise, you will see changes in a reduced waist, if you like to lose body fat. During your body composition test we will take both, the caliper and girth measures, to ensure your success. We will know right away when to make adjustments in your program design.