One-on-One Training: Pilates, Personal Training, and Nutrition

Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, recover from injury, overcome a therapeutic challenge, or improve an already healthy lifestyle, our One-on-One sessions strive to achieve your goals.

The HEYlifetraining studio offers an exclusive exercise and/or nutrition experience in our private studio in Silver Spring, MD. We are a fully equipped personal training studio and offer Pilates Reformer, and Pilates Cadillac private or duet sessions. Heike is available for private in-person sessions at HEYlifetraining Fitness and Wellness in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The HEYlifetraining studio has a private entrance, with an area to change into your workout clothes, a separate bathroom, and plenty of space for your workout. Privacy is key and we train individual clients and duets only in the HEYlifetraining studio.

Free parking is in the driveway of 1201 Burton St. or on Alton Pkwy. We are located within 10 minutes walking distance of the red line in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.
We strongly encourage cross training and your session may include the benefits of Pilates and Personal training principles combined.

Therapeutic Pilates

We are here for your wellness journey and our approach focuses on stability, mobility, and balance for the entire body. We evaluate your movement patterns and posture, as we slowly guide you towards your specific goals. We do offer private sessions for Breast Cancer survivors.

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Pilates: Privates and Duets

Pilates is the ideal workout for anyone at any age. The focus of Pilates: Core strength, flexibility, alignment, and improved posture. Pilates develops lean, long and flexible muscles so adored on the dancer’s body. We also offer Pilates Duet sessions, where two people train, each on a separate Reformer.

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Personal Training: Anything goes

We strongly believe in cross training and offer well-designed functional movement based training. We will incorporate a variety of functional training equipment, for instance, the Bosu, bands, sliding disks, and balance boards. Our intelligent program design will adapt to any clients level of fitness.

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One-on-One Nutrition

This is not another fad diet or gimmick, we will teach you sustainable eating habits that fit into your lifestyle. With easy to follow action-steps, and up-to-date nutrition tips we will help you take control of your nutrition habits. We will help you create lasting changes in the way you eat and live. You will see the difference and feel energized, and that’s a promise.

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Heike Yates, owner of HEYlifetraining Fitness and Wellness, has over 30 years of experience coaching clients. Her expertise in fitness will help you increase efficiency, minimize injury, and maximize performance in sports and life. She will teach you how to progress towards specific goals, by teaching you how exercise and nutrition fit into your lifestyle.

HEYlifetraining has a strong connection to the Maryland running and Triathlon community. Many athletes, runners or triathlete will find the benefits of training with HEYlifetraining compelling, as it assists in injury prevention, faster recovery, improves flexibility, and more.


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